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Retail Insights partnered with Kantar implementations on TRADE PROMOTION MANAGEMENT

Trade Management includes the activities from onboarding vendors, obtaining the price quotes, rebates and allowances, negotiating the contracts, listing their products, planned purchases, evaluate performance, make sure the right payments done.

What We Do

Total Care

Right technology architecture that meets the functionality necessary to support business needs. Ability to maintain developers, allows us to scale up resources to move through a project quickly. Manage projects effectively with predictable cost, time, and resources


Outsource the development of bits and pieces of their product implementation Product integration skills to put together these modules become a key aspect


Work with the end Retailer/Brand in a coordinated manner to implement product. Retail Insights considered an extension of the business teams in BRD, Testing and Data mappings.

Performance Works

Outsource certain activities of the viz. testing, integrations, documentation or product implementation, but not the core development

Customer Solutions

Sales Incentives

Commissions Management

Vendor Rebate Management

Customer Rebate Management

Manufacturer Billback/Payback Management

Distributor/Retailer Chargeback Management

Distributor / Retailer Price Protection Management

Order Promotions Management

Contracts & Promotions Management

JDA Enterprise Planning

Produce Plans and forecasts based on historical data from your existing systems. Modify Plans in-season by feeding in new data as it becomes available.

Planogram Automation

Automate planogram production and management down to store level Include local demand, customer preferences, inventory rules within merchandising and physical constraints.

Floor Planning

View full sales area performances. Identify opportunities. Optimize sales area. Gateway to Virtual Reality.

Intelligent Clustering

Define store clusters by category. Use localized demand metrics. Informs the assortment optimization process. Visualize in Google maps.

Shelf Planning

Allocate optimum space down to product level. Include merchandising constraints. Include inventory, delivery and demand planning. View and publish the assortment and fixture.

Category Assessment

Conduct seamless category reviews. Build customized reports mixing all KPIs available. Monitor assortments in store. Consolidate operating accounts.

Solutions Hub

Pre-Built Integrations to Get You Started Fast. we’ve partnered with the leading headless vendors to offer these accelerators to reduce the time to live & accelerate development.
Vendor Management
Product Management
Price Management
Trade Programs
Promotions & Vendor Rebates
Space Management
KPIs & Analytics

View Some of Our Work

Workflow, data management and analytics

Workflow, data management and analytics functionalities to keep clear view on trade spending evolution and decrease spend by 5-10% (% of GSR) Advanced analytics to uncover root causes of promotional performance, optimise promotional plans and course correct activities to obtain a 15-25% increase in ROI

AI enabled sales forecasts

AI enabled sales forecasts with integration with demand planning that aid 5-10% reduction in finished goods inventory and closed loop planning to execution that minimize risk of out-of-stocks.

JDA Demand and JDA Fulfillment

JDA Demand and JDA Fulfillment, from JDA’s Intelligent FulfillmentTM solution, won the inventory control team over with their support for time-phased demand forecasting along with multi- echelon and multi-tier planning capabilities.

Automating & intelligent solution

Enabled large Department Store, automating, intelligent solution that would ensure that our stores receive the right amount of merchandise that will sell, and enable us to manage store replenishment by category.

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