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    Retail Insights is an Award-Winning Global Omni Channel Technology (Software) Company.

    Retail Insights best breed technologies and deep industry expertise to help clients quickly and securely realize the benefits of advanced technology architectures likes of MACH, Edge & AI. We accelerate digital revenues with innovation coming from observability at the point of engagement and provide a seamless omnichannel experience. We use the right mix of working models and technology capabilities to drive your next-generation operating model.

  • 1. Omnichannel Commerce Implementations & integrations
  • 2. Algorithmic Merchandising platform-led Implementations
  • 3. Connected Data - Conversion Optimization (CRO), Retail Observability and Digital KPI’s Calibration
  • 4. Tech modernization - Modular architecture. Fullstack Software Engineering.
  • 5. Technology accelerators - Catalog automation, Order fulfillment, Point of Service, Trade Allowance, and Contactless Payments
  • Certified Implementation Partner with Salesforce Commerce, Magento (Adobe), Blueyonder, Shopify, Intel Edge, Fluent Commerce, and Kantar Trade Promotion.

    Product & Service Categories:

    Commerce Platform/Gateway, Multichannel, Product Information Management, Automated Checkout, Assortment/Category Management

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    Colobrative ecosystem moving towards Composable Approach - Headless, Storebased Fullfillment, Smarter Checkouts

    The Future of Digital Experience is Composable

    Headless technology has significantly impacted the customer experience, but it has a limited influence on the organization when implemented as a one-off project. Composable commerce enables businesses to be agile, speedy, and reliable at the infrastructure level.

    Planning and Execution Merchandise for OMNICHANNEL COMMERCE

    Automated Catlogue, Site Experiences and Space Planing,

    Customer Journey Mapping

    Data from All channel — online and offline - Connected Data, AI driven Insights, B2C and B2B marketing and advertising integrations.

    Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO)

    Rebates, Chargebacks, Vendor Programs and Reconciliations

    Edge Retailing

    “Walk Out" intelligent cashier-less and Store Analytics

    Press Releases

    Sprinting Ahead on Customer Experience

    Retail Insights supercharges its dynamic eCommerce solutions through Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), providing our clients with the tools and expertise they need to meet unprecedented challenges in the global marketplace

    Retail Insights, Blue Yonder & Space Planning. Together, we’re an unbeatable combination.

    Retail Insights, Blue Yonder & Space Planning. Together, we’re an unbeatable combination.

    Improving Trade Promotions Spend Effectiveness

    Our client is a Consumer-Packaged Goods manufacturer in the Pet Foods Category. The client has a strategic partnership with Retail Insights for sales, supply chain, and marketing analytics.

    Powering Digital Transformation With Mach Architecture

    Our customizable composable and headless commerce solutions let you tailor your digital experience to fit your specific business needs and objectives, resulting in a highly adaptable, scalable, and manageable platform de

    Redefining customer engagement with observability in a data-driven world

    Customer experience is one of the most critical concerns for any organization—but also one of the most challenging for companies to perform concrete improvements.


    Omni Channel Commerce Implementation

    Retail Insights understands that Omnichannel Commerce has become an integral part of everyday life driven by the convenience of getting products delivered to your doorstep.

    Omni Channel Experience Manager

    Retail Insights technology platform fits every retail business because it’s fully configurable. Expert teams with deep domain expertise infuse best practices to deliver a seamless experience for your customers from day one.

    Algorithmic Merchandising

    Algorithmic merchandising leads the way

    Connected Data

    Retail Insights provides strategic retention analytics alongside analytics software and data warehousing solutions, including TRI real-time Monitoring dashboards and indicators.

    Edge computing for Omnichannel

    Unlock the potential of omnichannel retailing