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Retail Insights expands partnership with Adobe Commerce (Magento)Cloud

We at Retail Insights are excited to expand our focus by working closely with Adobe Commerce to provide and Deliver Digital Edge Capabilities – Platform Strategy, Software Engineering.
Retail Insights continue to adopt composable approach solutions (using the best-in-class technology) for Omni Channel Experiences, Adobe will leverage the partnership to introduce Retail Insights Accelerators to meet growing customer needs.

What We Do

Platform Integrations

With Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) continuing to add new features viz. Adobe Sensie, Experience Manager, PWA and Customer Intelligence along with Omni Channel order orchestrations.

API Integrations

API repository on product fulfilment, customer onboarding, and conversational commerce, product availability, and fulfillment require real-time integration across eCommerce, CRMs, and other core systems of record.

Total Care, Managed Services

Right technology architecture that meets the functionality necessary to support business needs. Ability to maintain developers, allows us to scale up resources to move through a project quickly. Migrations, UI Enhancements, Module & API development and Integration of 3rd party apps

Performance Managment

Triage – digital marketing, google analytics and conversions. Identify and isolate the bottlenecks and begin to modify take corrective action and make improvements example Indexing, Caches Config, Optimizing images Integrated CDN, Code Level, 100 % Secure & Uptime, Site Backups, Pro-active monitoring, Devops  

Customer Solutions

Headless Commerce Kit (Scalability)

Clientele App – In-store and Salesforce Order Taking

B2C commerce to B2B for Order to Cash Flows


Refill Reminders

AI –Driven Chatbots


Quick Reorder Cart List

Unified Offline Online Wallet – Earn and Burn


A cartridge which integrates an industry leading solution, which enables customers HEADLESS. This cartridge integrates with the SFCC API service.

Order Management

A cartridge which implements adds the Order management feature to the SFCC application. With this customers can Fulfill/return items online and merchants can manage the returns process. This cartridge is currently under review with SF team”

Promotion Catridge

” This cartridge allows customers to place Promotion Types which allows them to receive notifications of their choice at regular intervals. The cartridge also enables merchants to manage the promo orders and generate reports,”

Solutions Hub

Experience in the Edge Computing, AI Driven Search, PWA, Headless Kit, Serviceability, Market Place Integrations.

Migration from Magento 1.x to 2.x

Re-platforming Consulting

Magento Implementation & Support
Implementation & Support
Magento Integration services
Independent Testing & Test Automation
Magento Code Audit
Magento Ecommerce Extensions & Development
Omni-channel Enablement
Customization of 3rd party Magento Extensions

Ecommerce CX-UX Audit

Magento Commerce Cloud Cartridge Development
Magento Code Audit
Magento OMS Implementation

View Some of Our Work

Omni channel Transformation Program

A vison to increase revenue through better online presence of an enriched customer pet experience. – SFCC, OMS & DMS integrating to existing systems and other chosen products. WMS, Reporting, and CRM integration with MARS Global internal systems

Advanced digital e-commerce platform

Advanced digital e-commerce platform helps customers browse through and order products B2C Omni commerce site along Order, TMS and Store integration

API Led Integration

API Led Integration on-boarding brands with the Centralized Catlogue, Inventory, Enabling Store Fullfillments intergrated with Group CDP for Customer 360

E2E B2B Commerce Solution

E2E B2B Commerce Solution for Distributors for Ordering, Reporting, Financials, MBQ, Quotes and Infor for USA Leading Socks Manufacturer

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